_ High precision
_ Wide field of work
_ Suitable for multiple application scenarios
_ Professional performance on intelligent industrial systems

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Accuracy, Flexibility and Convenience

Designed for light industry

ROBOWARE M1 PRO is a cost-effective smart robotic arm for light industry.

With high precision, large working range, full functions and secondary development, it offers users more ways of use.

ROBOWARE M1PRO can realize multiple functions of assembly line work such as soldering, visual recognition and PCB plug-in, helping to build the intelligent industrial system.

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Plug and Play, easy to move

No complex installation is required, ROBOWARE M1 PRO can be connected in just one step.

It is so light that a single person can move it anytime, anywhere.

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Integrated design

Integrated machine design

Integrated machine design greatly improves work efficiency between servo drive and control system.

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High accuracy and 1,5 kg payload

The repetitive positioning accuracy of the ROBOWARE M1 PRO can reach 0.02 mm with a maximum working radius of 400 mm and a nominal payload of 1.5 kg, so as to ensure the best performance of the lightweight industrial robotic arm.

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Simple and easy to handle

Simple and compact mechanical structure allows ROBOWARE M1 PRO to work efficiently and is perfect for various assembly line jobs.

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Smart interface, wide application

Standardized intelligent interface and open programming language make ROBOWARE M1 PRO highly extensible

With different accessories, ROBOWARE M1 PRO can realize different functions.

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Artificial intelligence

Visual sorting

Con la suite di riconoscimento visivo, ROBOWARE M1 PRO può funzionare come gli occhi per riconoscere e ordinare oggetti con colori e forme diversi.

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Pcb plug-in and soldering

ROBOWARE M1 PRO can complete assembly line tasks instead of manual work and can be perfectly qualified for high-precision required tasks such as PCB plug-in, soldering and bonding.

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Quality Control

Defect Detection

ROBOWARE M1 PRO can be used for product quality control.

With industrial cameras, ROBOWARE M1 PRO is able to quickly recognize defective products.

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Automatic production operation

ROBOWARE M1 PRO can transport, assemble, sort and pack products instead of manual labour, so that the production process can be simplified and production efficiency is greatly improved.

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Different accessories

With different accessories, ROBOWARE M1 PRO can realize different functions such as 3D printing and pick and place.

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Hardware and software compatibility

Efficient implementation

With a lightweight body, easy installation and various controls, ROBOWARE M1 PRO can help you get the job done quickly, including manufacturing and packaging.

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